The web portal is used to access our risk management programme as well as our Grain Marketing Calculator.
The newly designed web portal, available at http://portal.bvg.net/, offers a variety of functionalities- all of which are already achieve-:

  • AgriBase Express Real Time Management
  • Document Management
  • Real Time Feeds
  • Reporting
  • API Integration
  • User Authentication with a Role/Permission system
  • Administrative Backend
  • Live Monitoring and Dashboards

The portal is managed by a central UAS (User Authentication Service) which handles user profiles, independently from any front-end platform. Through the portals Administrative Back-end, users can be managed from one central point to all platforms.

Grain Marketing Calculator

The Grain Marketing Calculator gives our clients the opportunity to calculate their input costs and to help them manage the marketing of their crops. The system allows them to test different marketing strategies and the effects of these strategies on their projected income.

Risk Management

We provide our clients with a quick overview to monitor their positions, cash-flows, greeks and transactions in real-time. Standardised reports can now be drawn by our clients in real-time as and when needed.

Market Research

Our excellent research team provide our clients with industry leading market research on a regular basis, to assist clients with their decision making. All the reports are now easily accessible on the portal.