AgriBase Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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AgriBase is a software company specialising in providing infrastructure and software to members of the JSE (Derivatives Division) trading futures and options on the exchange.

The software includes a clearing system, “real-time” risk monitoring, a “real-time” trading facility, reporting as well as various other systems which can assist the customer. The infrastructure includes servers, communication providers and various other services.

AGRIBASE has been registered as an SIP – Shared Infrastructure Provider – at the JSE for the past 3 years. AgriBase is well known in the market to display information in real-time.

The software can be used for “real-time” trading and/or as a risk monitoring system, as it includes the following modules: analysis, “what-if” scenarios and a clearing module. It also has a full reporting functionality which is based on either real-time data or historical data.

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